Answer All Your Questions with Aaron Refrigeration

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Do you service appliances on RVs and Boats?

Aaron Refrigeration is not restricted to residential refrigerators alone, we service a wide variety of appliances. This is not limited to your standard residential locations. We service RVs as well as Boats.


How do I find the model number of my unit?

The model number of most units are located on the door side near the gasket. If you open the door to your unit you will find a sticker along the inside of the door edge displaying the model number and the serial number. If your unit is a side-by-side fridge and freezer, than this label would be on the freezer door.


If you do have to order a part, how long will it take?

Nearly 90% of all the parts needed for repairs are available in our warehouse. When our technicians leave for a job, they stock the truck with numerous service parts as well as components needed to fix your appliance. On the occasions when parts DO need to be ordered, they arrive at the warehouse in 1 - 2 days.


Will I have to wait all day for service?

Our schedules are based on morning and afternoon shifts. On the day of your repair/maintenance we will give you a call and tell you whether your unit will be serviced in the morning or afternoon. If there is a certain time that is more suitable to your needs, we are willing to work with your schedule.


How often do you evaluate your technicians?

Our technicians, here at Aaron Refrigeration, are put through a qualifying test every 6 months by the Sub-Zero,Scotsman, U-Line, and Marvel corporations. By visiting a seminar twice a year to carry out these tests they are able to become acquainted with any procedure changes or updates that can help them perform top quality repairs.


What does "certified" mean?

Our technicians are Sub-Zero, U-Line, Marvel, and Scotsman certified.This means that they have been put under extensive training and attend regular classes to learn how to repair and operate the machinery these companies offer properly. These sophisticated appliances need special attention and proper fine tuning when they are repaired. Many companies operate with only a broad or vague knowledge of a system or unit, and this leads to further damage on the technician's part. All of the parts and services that we offer are up to code and have been cleared by the manufacturers. We are one of the only Certified and Authorized Dealer and repair source in the area.


Can I order or buy parts from Aaron Refrigeration?

Yes. Recently we have begun to sell products from our distributors. If you are interesting in a particular part, we request that you have the Model Number and Serial Number for the needed part before making your call.


Can I install the parts myself?

We highly recommend not installing the parts on your own. Since these appliances are delicate and very sophisticated pieces of machinery, it is recommended to have the parts installed by a properly trained and certified technician. If damage occurs during improper installment of a part, it could result in paying more than you may have intended on a repair.


How much is the repair going to cost?

All of the repairs performed by our technicians are different. Before a technician arrives, all we can offer you is an estimate until the situation has been thoroughly inspected and addressed.